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Can My Eyesight Get Better?

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If you’ve noticed your vision going slightly blurry or off, you may be wondering “Can my eyesight get better?” While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to improving your vision, there are a number of things you can do to keep your eyes in good health and see clearly.

The importance of eye health

To reduce the likelihood of vision loss, blindness, and eye diseases (such as cataracts and glaucoma), it is essential to maintain good eye health.The sense of sight is responsible for approximately 80% of our perception.Therefore, it is essential to prioritize our eye health when considering our lifestyle choices and overall health.

Types of eyesight treatments for vision loss and blurry vision


Lenses in a set of frames are called glasses, eyeglasses, or spectacles, and they are worn in front of the eyes to help correct vision issues.They make it easier to see things clearly and sharply from a distance.There are numerous styles and sizes of glasses frames that are appropriate for various face shapes.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are preferred by many for their enjoyment of comfort and freedom. Contact lens wearers should always have a contact lens fitting prior to purchasing a new pair of contacts to ensure you have chosen the correct contact lenses for your eye’s unique shape. It’s important to note that if you wear contact lenses you should also have a pair of up-to-date eyeglasses on hand in case of emergency.

Refractive Surgery

Refractive eye surgery or also known as laser eye surgery is performed to correct vision and eliminate a person’s dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Similar to all invasive medical procedures, laser eye surgery comes with its own benefits and risks.

How to improve your eyesight and maintain eye health

  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise – We all know that eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercising regularly are good for our health, and this holds true for your eyes as well! There are many foods to improve your eyesight including eating lots of fruits and vegetables, especially dark leafy greens like spinach or collard greens, to keep your eyes healthy. Additionally, eating fish with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and tuna, has been shown to improve eye health.

  • Take screen breaks – Nowadays, it is so common for people to be connected to our devices 24/7 from work, staying connected to a global community and social media. It’s easy to forget to blink and your eyes may become fatigued. It is important to give our eyes a rest throughout the day and take screen breaks. To reduce eyestrain, try the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look away about 20 feet in front of you for 20 seconds.

Can My Eyesight Get Better? woman at the eye doctor having an eye exam

Written by Andrea Sharma

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