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Myopia, Presbyopia, & Hyperopia: What Do They Actually Mean?

A woman wearing glasses, squinting, and holding her phone close to her face to see it better.

Our eyes are incredible little organs, but they can develop a number of problems. Myopia, presbyopia, and hyperopia are 3 common vision issues. But what exactly do these terms mean?  These issues are refractive errors, meaning they affect how our eyes bend (refract) light. Myopia is nearsightedness. It occurs when objects up close appear clear, […]

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Are Contact Lens Prescriptions The Same as Glasses?

An optometrist presenting a pair of eyeglasses and a container of contact lenses in his eye clinic.

Contact lenses are a popular vision correction option for many people. If you’ve worn glasses your entire life, you may already have an up-to-date prescription. However, you can’t simply grab the closest pair of contact lenses and expect them to work for you. Glasses and contacts sit on your eyes differently, meaning they require different […]

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Optometrist vs Optician: What’s the Difference?

An optometrist looking directly at the camera, smiling, and holding up a pair of glasses in his left hand.

An optometrist and an optician may sound like similar professionals, but they have distinct roles in the field of eye care. Understanding the differences can be helpful when looking for an eye care team that can meet all your needs—from eye exams and eye disease management to new glasses and sunglasses.  Optometrists are healthcare professionals […]

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Pros & Cons of Contact Lenses

Close-up of a woman holding a contact lens up to her left eye with her left index finger.

When it comes to correcting your vision, there are usually two camps; those who prefer contact lenses and those who prefer wearing eyeglasses. While contact lenses can be an excellent solution for your vision correction, they aren’t always right for everyone. That’s why when considering a form of vision correction, you should always look at […]

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UV Protection Sunglasses & Sun Damage to Eyes

A happy young woman by the beach wearing a pair of UV protection sunglasses.

In these warm summer months, you’ll likely be headed outdoors to soak up the sun’s golden rays. While you already know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, you may overlook an essential aspect of sun protection: your eyes.  Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause long-term damage […]

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