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Ten best foods for eye health

People often believe that failing eyesight is an inevitable result of aging or eyestrain. In truth, a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce the risk of eye health problems. Organizations such as the Ontario Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Association of Ophthalmologists recommend the following 10 nutrient-rich foods: 1.Fish Many fish are rich sources of […]

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Dry Eyes & Diabetes

What is dry eye?                                                                                                                              Dry eye is a condition in which the eye does not produce tears properly. It can also involve tears not having the right consistency or evaporating too quickly. Tears are necessary to help maintain moisture on the surface of the eye and for clear vision. In many cases, the surface of […]

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Dry Eye Syndrome

The tears your eyes normally produce are necessary for overall eye health and clear vision. Dry eye occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tears or produce tears that do not have the proper chemical composition. Dry eye symptoms can result from the normal ageing process, hormonal changes, environmental conditions, excessive computer work, medications, […]

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