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Top 7 Eyewear Trends In 2024

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There is no denying that the right frame can enhance your style as well as reflect your personality. And while there can be a lot of pressure to pick the perfect pair of glasses, with so many different options available, you really can’t go wrong.

In 2024, we are expecting to see a lot of exciting styles, shapes, and colours with a definite nod to the past to dominate the scene. Here’s a rundown of what you can see in eyewear fashion this coming year.


Gradient frames have been gaining popularity recently as a contemporary approach to eyewear. These frames have evolved to satisfy both the bold and the not so bold parts of your personality. You can opt for soft translucent colors that fade into one another for a more subtle look, or opt for deeper colours in unexpected combinations for a more expressive look that adds a touch of artistic flair. In either case, the colour relief acts as a bridge that flatters facial features without overwhelming. 


Still on trend in 2024 are transparent frames for those who prefer a soft monotone look and don’t want to worry about their eyewear clashing with whatever they might be wearing. Their translucency makes them adaptable to all skin tones and with the many different shapes available, there is one to flatter all face shapes. These frames are also in keeping with the minimalist revival that we see in the fashion world and all around us.


Oversized frames continue to be a popular choice in eyeglasses for 2024.  These frames are inspired by the 70’s and 80’s style and they flatter most face shapes.  Young people especially love these big, bold, fashionable frames however if you have a stronger prescription you may want to speak to your optician about specific options for your lenses, this way you can balance both function and fashion.


Continuing with the retro theme is a throwback to the double bar frame.  A fashion forward choice that is becoming more and more a unisex look and a bold style choice.  Of course, there is the Aviator frame made ever-popular by their sunglasses that carry the tear-drop shape lens and double bar but there are many more shapes and styles in both metal and thicker acetate that get a makeover for a fresh take on this vintage inspired look. 


The cat eye will never die! Still trending, this retro style originates in the 50’s when glasses were thought of as more utilitarian. It has now become a modern-day classic.  With its signature upturned corners this is a truly feminine style that suits most face shapes.  For 2024 you will see both chunkier acetate styles and finer metals with a more exaggerated up sweep and pointed silhouette.


The round shape in eyeglasses wins for longevity, however, in this case we are not looking back but rather looking forward to get a more modern look for this vintage eyewear.  In 2024 look for this small retro shape to take on the more modern trend of being oversized.  The circular shape is most flattering on those who have longer oblong faces but also works with angular facial features. This popular style suites men and women of all ages and it is also an ideal shape to choose if you have a very high prescription.


In 2024 metal eyeglasses will make a comeback. Even those too young to remember the more severe styles of past decades are turning to these frames to create a minimalist look in classic metallic colours. These wire-rimmed glasses offer a high level of versatility for men and women of all ages and are admired as a sophisticated and professional style choice. Available in all shapes and sizes so you can easily find the perfect wire frames to flatter your features.

How to Buy the Right Eyewear in 2024

Identify your face shape. The frame shape will significantly affect your look. Eyeglasses should enhance and accentuate your face without overpowering it. Make sure you select a frame style that gives contrast to your facial features choosing the best fitting frame that also allows your personality to shine through.    

Take our quiz to find out which frames are best for your face shape!

Make 2024 the year to try out some new eyeglass designs that you have never worn before. Shop in person and take advantage of the rich assortment of styles that are available. Try on lots and go with the one that makes you feel fabulous and will have you saying, I Love My Choice (LMC).

Our team of professionals at LMC Optometry are happy to help you find the perfect frames to match your face shape and style.

Written by LMC Optometry & Eye Care

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