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Reduce your risk of diabetic retinopathy and blindness

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One of the leading causes of blindness among Canadians is diabetic retinopathy, which affects as many as 750,000 people, yet early detection and treatment can reduce the risk of blindness by 95% according to the Canadian Ophthalmological Society. 

“Being diagnosed with any disease already comes with its own host of challenges, let alone losing your eyesight, which can dramatically affect independence and quality of life,” says Dr. Colin Mann, President of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society. “The odds of getting a serious eye disease are higher than you think and for those adults with diabetes in particular; regular eye exams at least once a year are a critical part of complete diabetes care and management.”

The biggest concern with diabetic eye disease is that there are no warning signs. When you have diabetes, the best course of action is to be proactive. Early detection, timely treatment and appropriate follow up care are the only ways to prevent vision loss. Make a commitment this month to book an appointment with your optometrist and then make a habit of pre-booking for next year. Take care of your eyes, they can be the window into your health. Click below for an infographic that explains why regular eye exams are so important and how they can help detect life threatening health conditions!

Written by Sagar Hamidi

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