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10 ways your LMC Optometrist is providing you the best eye care!

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What is the optometrist’s role in diabetes?

Your optometrist will be able to:

1) Identify patients at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. If diabetic retinopathy is detected early, it can treated effectively. Early intervention results in a much better outcome for your eyes.

2) Monitor patient’s eyes for any vision changes or progression of the condition

3) Optometrists are in a unique position to educate patients with diabetes about their condition, increasing their awareness and understanding of the disease.

4) Provide suitable referrals to specialists if needed. Optometrists build trusted professional relationships with with other specialists to drive collaboration & facilitate patient care.

5) An LMC endocrinologist has direct access to the patient’s medical eye health exam.

6) LMC invests in state of the art diagnostic optometric equipment that allows for safer exams and consistent exams allow for comparison and early detection of certain medical conditions.

7) We are able to coordinate appointments for the LMC patient.

8) We see a lot of diabetic patients, it is our specialty.

9) We operate under the same clinic health standards ensuring a safe and trusted environment for the LMC patient.

10) We offer glasses and contact lenses on site, allowing for a seamless interaction for the patient and follow-up for any vision changes.

Written by Sagar Hamidi

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